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Specials! and Special orders


Specials! and Special orders

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Shipping within the continental US is including in the price.
frog-dish.jpg Frog Dish


Frog holding a dish to hold your rings or other small objects
4"x 5" x 5.5"
dish size 2" x 3"

Regular price $130
Special Price $95 

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order400.jpg Special Order.

If you have not found the sculpture you want to buy on line please email me.  If i have one available i will post it on line for you. or you can order a similiar one.
This is where you pay for a piece of art work not currently displayed on the shop site. This might be
1. An animal i have in the studio but not displayed. Which can be shipped with in a few days.
2. A sculpture you saw in the main web site and you would like a similiar one. These orders take from 6- 12 weeks.
3. Something i have never made before. These take 8-12 weeks.
I normally can get orders to you within the lowest estimated time, but I like the time cushion to accommodate the unexpected, these are fairly common in ceramics as there are many opputunities for disastors, I do not like to count my chickens before they a hatched!!!
Please contact me by email to place an order or determine the availability of a sculpture displayed on my main web site.
Once we have agreed on your order, i will add your name (or a code if you prefer) to the special order and the price, then you can proceed to check out.
These orders need to be paid in full when ordering.

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